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This summer we welcomed our good friend Pastor Peter back to Leeds for great teaching and fellowship! Catch his talks with us here and be blessed:

1) Restoration and the End-Times (廣東話)

2) Kingdom of God

3) Discipleship (普通話)–eg

4) Gifting and Purpose


We are here for you. We believe in connecting with people, meeting needs and developing potential, so you may step into a life of fulfilment in God wherever you are from!
We invite you to our Sunday Services and Care cells and hope to be in touch soon.

If you are considering being baptised, please approach our leaders or Pastors for more information on Baptism classes starting soon. The next Baptism service is in December 2022.

LCCC Charity Album

We are thrilled to announce LCCC’s first
album is out now!
It is a collection of songs and poems of thanks to God that best represents our church. Songs are in Cantonese, Mandarin & English. We have been so blessed by God’s faithfulness & we look forward to the future He has in store!

We hope to also raise awareness through this for our 2022 Building Project.

The album is ready to order from 7/11/21 and we thank you for your donations, whether big or small, we value your gift & pray you will be blessed!

To Download the album from 7/11/21, please contact

God bless

Whether you are at work, working from home or isolating with the kids, today is a precious gift from God.
Have a blessed day! Stand firm in the Word of God and hold on to His promises for you.

In a world of chaos, there is light and hope to be found; you are not alone.
Jesus Christ came to this world to bring the Good news- that there is more to this life;
purpose, peace, joy and love can all be found in Him.

If you would like to know more about Jesus or are looking for support this season, please get in touch with us.
God bless you.


1.Preparing to go to Sunday Church Service

Where and When will the Service’s take place?
All three Sunday Service’s will take place at 155 Kirkstall Road.

Service Times:
English: 10:30am
Cantonese: 10:30am
Mandarin 1pm

What do I need to bring?
Please bring a face mask for yourself and your family members.

LCCC will provide a face mask should you need one and forget to bring one.

LCCC Minibus Pick-up times For Sunday Services
From Parkinson steps, Leeds University:

10am Pick-up for English Service
10am Pick-up for Cantonese Service
12.40pm Pick-up for Mandarin Service


Drop-Offs are also available after the services