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Bible Reading Club
Join us at LCCC and commit to read the Bible one chapter a day!
Be encouraged and inspired as you draw near to God to mature in faith and discover His purposes for every day of your life.
Please approach your cell leader or sectional leader for more information.

Need a spiritual and emotional rest from the stresses and strains of daily life?
Wanting some quiet quality time with the Lord but haven’t found it yet?
SOAK is where you can experience God’s touch and word, in an atmosphere of quietness, worship and prayer. Come along to receive from the Lord and find                                                                                rest and refreshment for your life!

“Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved” Matthew 16:16
Every believer is to be baptized! We want to journey with you in preparing for this important and life-changing decision. Our next Baptism Service is 4/12/2022.

exploring gifts

Exploring Your Spiritual Gifts
Want to live in fruitfulness in your discipleship?
Come along to our next day of Exploring Gifts and get closer to discovering your gifts!
This program will help you to understand and explore the different areas of gifting you may have and how to take the next steps in developing them.

Contact to find out more