The Building Project


Since before purchasing 155 Kirkstall Road (Phase 1 of the Building Project) God has given us a greater vision to expand and build His Kingdom spiritually and physically here in Leeds.
We see LCCC blessing even more of our surrounding community in the years to come.

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The Plan

December 2016     To have at least 80% of the funds we require for the building
Jan- Dec 2017         Year of construction
November 2018     Celebrating LCCC’s 50th Anniversary together in the new build!

Where We Are Now
Through holding concerts, bake sales, car boot sales and more, we have been blessed as members and the community pull together to raise money by using their gifts and talents.
We are encouraged to see hearts touched by God to get involved in expanding His Kingdom.
Every little does help!

We recently have received the latest drawings for the new building, including the interior and exterior plans. There is still room for changes, but we are excited to see what the building may look like and pray it will spur us on in our faith and giving towards this vision.

Thank you for your prayers.

Click Here to view Up-to-date Drawings of the Site

Click Here to view Up-to-date Drawings of the Interior Layout

Click Here to view Up-to-date Drawings of the Building Exterior


How You Can Give
LCCC appreciates all your support and prayers whilst we raise the money to reach our
If you would like to give to LCCC, please contact Biu Mok at for details on how to pledge or give an offering in support.
Our sincerest thanks for your support and prayers.

God bless!


FAQ’s    Coming Soon…

If you have any questions about the Building Project, we would like to answer them as
specifically and best we can.
Please Contact to post your questions, thank you.