How to get to LCCC

All visitors of the Leeds Chinese Christian Church (LCCC) are encouraged to come to LCCC by walking, cycling and through public transport.

By Walking
If you arrive by train, it is only 1.8km walk to LCCC. You can start walking along Wellington Street heading west and straight onto Kirkstall Road.

It is approximately 1.2km walk from University of Leeds to LCCC.  You can start walking on University Road, turn to Moorland Road and then St John Avenue, bend right to Woodsley Road then walk through a footpath to LCCC.

For your personalised and detailed walking routes, please refer to Leeds free walking journey planner,

By Cycling 
The cycling route to LCCC will be the same as the above mentioned walking routes.  Cycling from Leeds rail station to LCCC is fairly level, while cycling from University of Leeds to LCCC will be at a gradient (down hill).  There are 4 indoor secured cycle parking spaces available within the premise.

There is traffic-free path along the Leeds and Liverpool Canal and there are advisory cycling routes on the Westfield Road and Canal Road which are also in close proximity to LCCC.

Further cycling information will be available on-line from and

Please note that Leeds City Council will provide you with a “bike buddy” to help improving your confidence in on-road riding. Details of the service is available from

By Bus
LCCC premise is well served by bus services. There are a number of bus stops within short walking distance with frequent bus services every 10-30 minutes. Services No. 5, 6, 6A, 16, 18, 18A, 33/33A, 49, 50/50A, 67, 508, 670, 757, 67, 780 all provide bus services to the immediate vicinity of LCCC.

If there are no direct bus services from where you live, there should be extensive bus services across West Yorkshire which can take you to Leeds town centre. You can then change to other services which operate along Kirkstall Road.  For example, Service No 760 is available at bus stop No H9 at Headrow and Service No. 33 is available at bus stop S3 on Wellington Street.

As frequency and route of bus services may subject to frequent changes, any visitors who intend to travel by bus are advised to check details on or ring MetroLine Tel. No. 01132457676 for the most up to date travel details.  Please note that real time bus service information is available on  The most up-to-date bus timetables will also be available from local library, Metro travel centres and LCCC.

By Train
Burley Park Railway Station and Leeds City Station are approximately 0.8km and 1.5km from LCCC.

If you arrive by train at Leeds station, it takes 3 mins to walk to bus stop S3 on Wellington Street.  You can then take bus service No. 33 and align at bus stop outside LCCC (bus journey takes 7 mins).

For all information related to public transport, details are available on

By Car
There are car park facilities available within the premise of LCCC which can accommodate up to 62 private cars including 4 disabled car parking spaces. A mini bus parking space is also available for those who arrive by mini bus.

All visitors who arrive by cars are encouraged to car-share. Priority spaces are available within the car parking area for visitors who practise car-sharing.

There is a free car share matching service at