Who We Are

LCCC’s Mission

We are a disciple-making church, seeking to build up generations to transform our
communities and the World, for Christ!


Our Vision

Remarkable Unity in devoted disciples

Acts 2:42-47; 1 Corinthians 12:12; Romans 12:10; Ephesians 4:15-16; John 13:34
We see LCCC as a place where people are rooted & equipped in God’s Word to be active and committed disciples of Christ.
In CareCells, ministries and throughout the church, a culture of corporate unity is cultivated in order to fulfil God’s plans and purposes in His people.

Passionate Heartbeat to reach the world for Christ

Mark 16:15; Matthew 9:35-38; 1 John 4:7-16
We see a people compelled with a vision to touch the world for Jesus and see His glory displayed in our families, communities and across the globe. With the Gospel, each individual is commissioned to reach out to their community and the world for Christ with the passionate heartbeat of God.

Intentional disciple-making in ever changing times

Matthew 28:19; Acts 14:21-22; John 8:31-32; 1 Timothy 4:12; Titus 2
We see men and women being trained and empowered to be intentional disciple-makers and Spirit-filled leaders in the world and in the Body of Christ.  Each person is called to be a life leader grounded in the Word of God.