Serving with LCCC

Jigsaw It is a privilege to serve in the House of God!

We believe the Lord has given us all unique passions, gifting and abilities that enable us to serve His Church.
Our desire is to see every believer discover their gifts and talents and grow through serving God’s House.

To help you get started, here are the areas in Leeds Chinese Christian Church where you could make a difference in the life of the Church and discover your God-given gifts.

You enjoy making people feel welcome.
You see yourself:
Greeting people with a smile and welcoming new faces
Helping people find a seat quickly and feel comfortable

Prayer and Intercession
You have a desire to see change in people’s lives and the world.
You see yourself:
Working with God in the background  to pray for others and the Church.
Supporting others as well as leaders through prayer and edification.

Sunday School
You like children and are passionate about shaping young lives.
You enjoy teaching about God’s love in a simple and fun way
You like being creative and have patience with others
You can relate to children of a young age

Youth Group
You enjoy using your creativity to help others grow and understand more about God
You can empathise with young adult issues and seek to be a good listener and life example

Worship Team
You love to communicate and express yourself through music and worship.
You enjoy worshiping God
You are willing to work as part of a team
You enjoy to worship God with an instrument

Technical Crew
You enjoy working with technical equipment such as sound mixers and laptops
You desire to play a part in enhancing worship
You are familiar with using powerpoint

If you would like to know more and get started, sign up! please contact:

English Section:            Liz Wong    

Cantonese Section:     Pastor Johnny

Mandarin Section:      Pastor Kim